Creepi Lamp Gaming 2012 front page

Creepi Lamp Gaming

James/Jamie M. Cancel

Piper M. Armolt

Creation date(s):

November 20th, 2012

Devolping Platform(s):

Microsoft Windows,  Mac OS X

Creepi Lamp Gaming under the web adress:

Rpg Gaming Came online November 20th 2012, the two current devolpers Jamie M. Cancel and Piper M. Armolt have been working on their latest game "SACRIFICE" a rpg maker engine game.

Creation                                                                                         ___________________________________________________________

The Site was created for the distribution and development of the CreepiLampgaming first game, "SACRIFICE" 

The Team is a non-proift organization using both free and expense software to work on the game. Halfway through development Jamie M. Cancel made the site for promtional and Advertisment use.